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Thyme Essential Oil 100% Pure

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Historically, Thyme essential oils were used in many civilizations as a cure to many illnesses . From France to Britain, and from Morocco to Palestine. Thyme was very popular as a way for people to :
• Get better.
• Treat pain, tiredness and depression.
• Become more refined.
• Add a special flavor to the food they cooked.
Thyme oil is steam-distilled from the leaves and flower tops. It is fatty and thick, and the smell is pleasant, reminiscent of the fresh plant, but obviously more persistently. It can be in an elegant red color or a persistent white indicating the clarity and the purity of the substance. Commercially speaking, Thyme has always been in demand for its numerous benefits and rare components. Thyme essential oil is highly rated for curing:
• Abdominal pain
• Abscesses and boils ,
• Anorexia nervosa
• Anthrax
• Bruises…
At BioProGreen Morocco, we favor quality above all. Our Thyme exportations come in all shapes, from wholesale, individual or bulk. We provide the quantity you require. And for the sake of reducing costs of the supply chain, we also offer a private labeling to service to make your products ready to be sold before they get shipped to you.

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